09 Feb 2016by iBrandbc

Cover Up

The enemy is after our Generation! And he’s using an old, yet successful tactic… “Divide and Conquer” 

He wants you alone, away from the pack.

Bros and Sis… Don’t live your life uncovered! Accountability is VITAL… When you are not accountable you are not accounted for, which means you’re up for grabs. Know that you can’t successfully be covered by someone you don’t respect, trust or honor. 

Blankets are used to shield, protect and even hide you. If the blanket is UNDER you it’s not serving it’s intended purpose, if it’s BESIDE you you’ll still be open, but by placing it on TOP of you you’ll unlock it’s full potential. What I’m saying is COVER UP! Stop letting people UNDER you or BESIDE(same level) you cover you. Find people who will not only Build You Up, Bless and Celebrate You, But Correct, Rebuke, Check and COVER you. Find someone who knows what kind of coverage YOU need!

There’s so much work to be done and we can’t keep losing soldiers due to the lack of coverage. You are not alone, We Got You Covered!

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